Family Ministry is our ministry for kids, students, and their parents. Our mission is to glorify God by making disciples who know Christ, grow in Christ, and go for Christ. To do this, we want to equip parents and empower leaders to influence the life and faith of the next generation.

We place a high value on safety, fun, friendship, intentionality, and relevance in all our Family Ministry environments. We believe that when you combine the influence of the church with the love of the family, we can make a greater impact on the life and faith of kids and students than we could separately.

For more on our family ministry approach and content, please visit whatisorange.com.



for Birth – Pre-K

LittleKids is divided into Nursery (0-2 years) and Preschool (3’s, 4’s, and TK). We place all 2 year olds through TK in age appropriate small group environments called “LifeGroups.” 3 year olds through TK spend half of their time in a large group environment called “The Art Studio,” for singing, dancing, and interactive Bible storytelling.



for Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Big Kids spend half of their time in age and gender appropriate small group environments called “LifeGroups,” and the other half of their time in our large group environment called, “The Exploratorium.” The Exploratorium includes fun games, worship, competitions, and interactive Bible storytelling.



for 6th – 12th Grade

Forest Hill Youth is a fun and safe place for Middle & High School students to grow in their faith. Students are encouraged to bring their friends, and everyone is welcome to belong whether or not they believe. Jesus is for everyone. At Youth, students will experience fun games, worship, and a relevant message from the Bible. They will also spend their time in small group environments with peers of their age and gender called “LifeGroups.”


Who is Family Ministry for?

Forest Hill Church is a place where you can belong before you believe. We welcome everyone and do our best to create environments where everyone can belong.

What are LifeGroups?

We believe growth happens best in circles, not in rows. LifeGroups are a small group environment where your child/student will be with peers of their age and gender, along with consistent leaders for discussion and activities around different Bible topics.

Can I stay with my child/student?

Safety is one of our five values in Family Ministry. Because of this, the only adults that are allowed to attend are Family Ministry volunteers with approved background checks. If you are interested in volunteering in Family Ministry, simply let us know.

Can my child/student bring their friends?

Of course! We want church to be a place that your child/student loves to bring their friends.

Does my child/student need to bring money?

None of our services cost money to attend. Advance environments offer snacks and drinks for sale, but these are optional.

What does Forest Hill believe?

To see what Forest Hill Church believes, check out this page on ForestHill.org.