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We believe in the power of presence. We believe trust leads to influence. We believe God uses relationships to change lives. We believe the next generation deserves a safe place to be known and grow in their faith. Bring your team to this one day event hosted at the South Park campus of Forest Hill Church  (7224 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC) to learn about what it means to be a safe place for the next generation.

February 23, 2019



You’ll be able to choose one of seven different breakouts, each taught by seasoned experts in Family Ministry. Attend a breakout together with your team, or send each member of your team to a different breakout and compare notes later. The choice is yours!

Coaching Volunteers

This breakout is for Coaches or anyone in leadership with volunteers. We will talk about the practicals of being a high capacity leader with Family Ministry, about how your role impacts the volunteer culture in your ministry, and how you can take it to the next level.

Orange Q and A

If you are interested in learning more about Orange Curriculum and Strategies and what they have to offer, join Tom Shefchunas as he answers any questions you have and how to best utilize all they have to offer.

Accurate Empathy

When working with kids and students, we know lives can get a little messy. Learn how we as leaders can provide the best care for kids, students, and their parents while walking alongside them in a caring way.

Relational Ministry

We believe in the power of presence in a kid and student’s life. When you build trust as a leader, God uses that to change lives. Join us as we talk about practical ways to be intentional in a kid and student’s life so that they can grow in their faith.

Who is Gen Z?

With all the talk about Generation Z, come and hear what makes this generation unique and ways we as the Church can engage them as a safe place to be known and grow in their faith.

Creating a Safe Place for Students

What does it mean to create a safe place for kids and students in your ministry? Come and discuss how to know, connect, and engage with kids and students so they can grow in their faith.

Creating a Safe Place for Nursery/Preschool

How can you be more intentional about being a safe leader for little kids and parents? Come and discuss practical steps on how to engage and connect with infants and preschoolers.


We Believe: Student Edition


Friday night is open to Forest Hill Students who serve within Family Ministry. We Believe: Student Edition is for student volunteers from all campuses of Forest Hill as we talk about how we can be a safe place for those whom we serve. Don’t miss this night as we hear from our guest speaker Tom Shefchunas.

We Believe: Student Edition will take place on Friday, February 22nd from 7-9pm at the Forest Hill South Park Student Sanctuary.


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