Ready for the best week of the summer?

Camp Rock is the elementary summer camp of Forest Hill Church. The camp is for rising 3rd to 5th graders and is held in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina. Our mission is for kids to know Christ by engaging their interests in discovery with their relationship with God. Our hope is that your kids will have an experience with God and grow deeper in their knowledge of His love for them.

What are the different roles at Camp Rock?

Summer Staff

Current college students

Summer Staff positions include a variety of part time roles designed to assist in the execution and success of Camp Rock.

Senior Counselor

Current college students

Senior Counselors are responsible for the development, encouragement, and support of the counselors assigned to them.  They provide leadership, direction, and assistance to the whole camp through their presence and their relationships with others.


Current 9th-12th graders

Counselors are responsible for the overall health, well-being, and spiritual growth of a group of about 4 campers for the whole week at Camp Rock.  This includes managing the group during meals, activity time, free time, and during program.

Junior Counselor

Current 8th graders

Junior Counselors are at Camp Rock to learn the basics of being a counselor through observation and hands-on experience via a counselor (with which they are paired).

Work Crew

Current 9th-12th graders

Work Crew supports the activity, program, and administrative teams throughout the week by completing a variety of tasks behind the scenes to ensure camp runs effectively and efficiently.


JULY 13 – 18



JULY 18 – 23



Does filling out an application guarantee my spot?

Unfortunately, no. We have too many applicants to take everyone to Camp, so each application will go through a review process and an interview. You will be notified if your application has been accepted by March 1st.

Will there be any training?

Yes! Everyone is required to attend one of our two Camp Rock trainings:

June 6th 10:00am-12:00pm at the Fort Mill Campus
July 2nd 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Waxhaw Campus

What are my accommodations at Camp Rock?

The female cabin at Camp Rock is similar to a hotel.  There will be about 4 counselors per room and there are 2 double beds in each room.  The male cabin has bunk beds in each room.  There will be about 4 counselors per room, and there are 2 sets of bunk beds per room. Linens and towels are provided, but you are always welcome to bring your own.

Should I bring gifts/supplies for my campers?

Many counselors choose to provide a variety of gifts/supplies for their campers (ex. matching t-shirts, headbands, bandanas, wristbands, or other accessories). Matching outfits can be coordinated with parents ahead of time, but you can do as much or as little as you please. We recommend providing bandanas at the very least.

Will I have my cell phone?

We collect all phones on the bus ride to Camp Rock, and give them back on the bus ride back.  We do this because we believe it is important to unplug for the week so that we can dedicate our full focus toward campers.

If I’m a counselor, will I have a junior counselor?

There are fewer Junior Counselors than Counselors, so not every counselor will have a Junior Counselor.  We typically assign Junior Counselors to counselors who have experience at Camp Rock.

Can I be a counselor for both weeks of Camp Rock?

We ask everyone to be a counselor for just 1 week. If we are in need of additional counselors, then we will ask some counselors to do both weeks.

Can I drive myself to camp?

No, we ask all counselors and senior counselors to ride the bus. The Week 1 bus leaves at 12:30pm on 7/13 and returns at 6:00pm on 7/18.  The Week 2 bus leaves at 12:30pm on 7/13 and returns at 6:00pm on 7/18. You should eat lunch before arriving to get on the bus.

Is there any cost?

Just a $50 transportation fee for the bus.

Got Questions?

We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Drop us a line!